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8 March 2013

Today is a good time for a little teaser update. Nah really. Here's a little something for those who still play Firearms ...
Marine Bot 0.92b change log:

As you can see there was a lot of fixing done. Not many new features added. Please do not take this as a new start. It's just that I had some free time especially over the Christmas time and I dedicated it to this project. I mean I've been playing with the code on and off since the end of November to the end of February. The list of changes is in exact order of how things happened during that period of time.
The release date is unclear as of now. The winter time is almost over and I'll be returning to my real life tasks. I'm in process of getting my own house. I'm building it on my own so that takes basically all my time. Anyways I already compiled the release .dll and let it ran for over 8 hours. No crashes or other bad events. So that's the positive part. However the Linux .so will be problem again, because I don't have Linux installed and I never really did well in this operating system. Finally the documents aren't updated yet either. Wish me luck and stay tuned! Marine Bot 0.92b will be released sooner or later. Let's hope it'll be sooner rather than later.

4 March 2013

The whole site launched. You can download the last Marine Bot beta release in 'FILES' section of the left hand menu. Many Thanks to Drek for digging the Linux and the source code packages from his backups, because I didn't have those files on my HDD nor in any of my poorly managed backups. You may find some additional files and support in the other sections too. Hopefully there isn't many errors and/or misleading info there. I'll try to add more stuff whenever I have a free while. But for now have fun and thanks for using Marine Bot!

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