Console commands that allow you to control Marine Bot

In this document you'll find all valid console commands that allow you to get a full control over Marine Bot. First come the listen server commands. That means the commands that are available to you if you start Firearms and click on 'Create a game' (a.k.a. LAN game). After that section is a list of valid commands for dedicated server (a.k.a. HLDS).

You can always use 'help' or '?' (without quotes) commands in console to access Marine Bot help system. Where you can find simplified version of this list. Console command help is available on listen server (Create a game) as well as dedicated server (HLDS).

Marine Bot Listen Server commands (keep the spaces, because they separate the arguments)
Marine Bot on a Dedicated Server (HLDS)

Before we get to the commands here's a list and description of message types Marine Bot prints to the HLDS console. All messages are followed by additional text without values.

Marine Bot is using special syntax for all Dedicated Server commands. There's a special keyword m_bot that must precede all commands on the list below. The syntax is m_bot <command> <list of arguments>. For example if you want to add one randomly generated bot then you must write m_bot addmarine into HLDS console. Or if you want to change minimum amount of bots on server you must write m_bot min_bots 10. Make sure to use the spaces to separate the keyword, the command and the arguments. Next is a list of all dedicated server commands and their explanation.

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