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a bot for Firearms mod


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Marine Bot waypointing manualwaypointing system guide with many example pictures and sketches
Marine Bot at SourceForgeif you have difficulties to download Marine Bot files here then try it there
Firearms at ModDB
The Battle Grounds at ModDB
Global Warfare at ModDB
Waster Botmy other bot project for The Wastes mod
ShrikeBotgreat folks who have joined MB team for a while in the past
[APG] All Platform Gaminga gaming community with a real passion for what do they do
Bots Uniteda community of bot developers

If you want to look back in time then here are a few links how did the things look like back in those old days.

Following links (basically all are dead) are sort of Thank you for all your help.

Medic Guild }+{
United Adminsrecently I've been able to recover the cool logo that they had for Marine Bot project on their siteMarine Bot @ United Admins logo
Evil Superstar

Unrelated links - just some of my favourite sites

Christopher Lawrence :: Pharmacy MusicPharmacy Radio podcasts (formerly Rush Hour) help me to survive 12 hours long shifts at work
Daniel Lesden's stream on SoundCloudalso Rave Podcast radio shows help me to stay sane during boring shifts at work
HTML and stuff guide bookit's only in Czech. I've added it as a sort of credits and/or thank you, because without it these pages would have been only ugly "MS Word save as .html" thing :)

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