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Install instructions

Follow these steps exactly the way they are written here in order to install the bot correctly.

Using the .exe installer program

  1. run the installation utility and follow the instructions (be sure to read the information on the second page)
  2. that's all, run the game and a few bots will join you

Using the .zip or .rar archive

  1. unpack the archive into your ...\half-life\firearms folder
  2. run the ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_install_mb.exe
  3. that's all, run the game and a few bots will join you

Additional steps if you are running Adminmod/Metamod

  1. open the file 'liblist.gam' in your ...\half-life\firearms folder using notepad
  2. comment out the line under 'MarineBot LAN' using '//' at the start of the line
  3. uncomment the line under 'MarineBot AdminMod' by deleting the '//'
  4. add '+localinfo mm_gamedll marine_bot/marine_bot.dll' in the properties of the shortcut you use to start your game or server

Uninstall instructions

Follow these steps exactly the way they are written here in order to uninstall the bot correctly.

If you used the .exe installer program to install Marine Bot

  1. run the ...\half-life\Uninstall_MB091.exe (or use the Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel in Windows OS)
  2. erase the whole marine_bot folder inside your ...\half-life\firearms folder
  3. run the ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_uninstall_mb.exe
  4. erase both ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_install_mb.exe and ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_uninstall_mb.exe files
  5. that's all

If you used the .zip or .rar archive to install Marine Bot

  1. erase the whole marine_bot folder inside your ...\half-life\firearms folder
  2. run the ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_uninstall_mb.exe
  3. erase both ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_install_mb.exe and ...\half-life\firearms\liblist_uninstall_mb.exe files
  4. that's all

Supported maps

Well the bot can be used on any map, but with supported I mean maps that have waypoints ie. maps the bot can play with some sort of wisdom. You know where the bot won't just blindly roam, but where he will try to visit important locations like the map pushpoints, objective item locations, places where you usually meet others and so on. Anyways here's the default waypoint list.

Waypointing instructions (ie. how you can make a unsupported map a supported one)

What are the waypoints for?

Waypoints is a general name for files on your HDD that the bot is using to navigate through the map. The bot has no eyes so the waypoints will tell him that this location is a walkable space and not a solid wall. The most simple description of waypoints is that they guide the bot. You need specific waypoints for each map. There should always be two files for each map in your Marine Bot waypoints folder (ie. marine_bot\defaultwpts). One named 'mapname.wpt' and the other one named 'mapname.pth'. For example for a map ps_marie there would have to be 'ps_marie.wpt' and 'ps_marie.pth' inside your 'marine_bot\defaultwpts'.

Is there any waypointing tutorial or any guidelines I should follow?

Of course. Reading this manual should help you undestand what lies behind the waypoint navigation.

A few basic waypointing console commands:

wpt showshows the waypoints (displays them using a colored beams). It toggles between show and hide waypoints.
wpt addadds a waypoint to your location
wpt deletedeletes nearby waypoint (you must be touching it)
wpt movemoves/repositions close waypoint to your location (you have to be quite close to the waypoint)
wpt infodisplays number and properties (if available) of nearby waypoint

pathwpt showshows/hides the waypoint paths (displays vertical lines between waypoints)
pathwpt startstarts a new path on nearby waypoint (you need to stand really close to it)
pathwpt stopends the path (you can use it anywhere, because it only stops adding any new waypoint in the path)
pathwpt addadds the nearby waypoint to the path
pathwpt autoaddtoggles between automatic pathwaypointing (automatically adds any waypoint you touch to the path) and manual path building by using the command from above
pathwpt deletedeletes the path on nearby waypoint

wpt savewrites the waypoints and paths into mapname.wpt and mapname.pth files
wpt loadreads the waypoints and paths from the files (it can also be used as one step undo feature when you're working on the waypoints)

Tip: Some of the commands from above have additional arguments that extend or improve the work. Please consult the console help or the documentation for more info.

Okay I know the commands now. What do I have to do to start the waypointing?

The only thing you should do is kick all the bots off the game. The bots may behave strange and/or even crash the game. So type this command 'kickbot all' into the console. Then you can use the 'pathwpt show' command to display waypoints and paths (if there are any).

So how do I add a new waypoint?

Just type the 'wpt add' command and a new waypoint will appear at your position. You can use argument to specify the waypoint type if you wish. I mean you can add a cross waypoint by typing 'wpt add cross' into the console. This is a faster way than adding standard waypoints and then changing them to special types using the 'wpt change argument' command. You do it all using just one command.

Special waypoints:

As I mentioned above you can assign a special type/tag/flag to any waypoint. All you need to do is get close to the waypoint you want to make special and use 'wpt change argument' command. Where the argument is the new type of the waypoint. You can use one of the following options:
  1. aim
  2. ammobox
  3. claymore
  4. cross
  5. crouch
  6. door
  7. duckjump
  8. goback
  9. jump
  10. ladder
  11. normal
  12. parachute
  13. prone
  14. pushpoint
  15. shoot
  16. sniper
  17. sprint
  18. trigger
  19. use
  20. usedoor
For more info check the waypointing documentation where you can get detailed explanation.

I see blue, yellow, green and other color beams instead of the orange beam waypoints. What they are for?

These are the special waypoint types mentioned above. They tell the bot to do some kind of a action there. Or they inform the bot that there's something he would like to have/do there. See the 'special waypoints' paragraph for more info.

I used the 'pathwpt show' command, but I don't see any paths. What's wrong?

Sometimes you have to be close to a waypoint in order to see the path. Once you're standing close enough the paths on the waypoint will appear. There can also be a problem with the other waypoint in the path. I mean the other waypoint is simply too far to draw it and draw the path beam as well. Just move a little and they will appear.

I see some of the paths are different in color or appearance. What does this mean?

There are more types of paths. The fact that some of the paths are red for example means that they are assigned for the red team only. On the other hand green path beam tells you the path is assigned for a sniper (light green) or machine gunner (dark green).

Special path types:

This is a list of all available path types you can use. Just like with the waypoints many of these types can be combined together. You can imagine these types as a sort of limiting factors that will allow only certain bots in using such path. Here are the options:
  1. one way path
  2. two way path
  3. patrol path
  4. red team only path
  5. blue team only path
  6. both teams path
  7. snipers only path
  8. machine gunner only path
  9. all classes path
  10. avoid enemy path
  11. ignore enemy path
  12. carry item path
For more info check the waypointing documentation where you can get detailed explanation.
Note: Every new path you create is combination of two-way, both teams and all classes types. This is called a default path.

I don't like certain path. Can I get rid of it?

Yes of course. You can use the 'pathwpt delete' command to erase any path you don't like. Get close to one of its waypoints and type the command. If there are more paths on the waypoint you can use the argument for this command to specify the exact path number (e.g. pathwpt delete 12). The path matching this number will be erased.

Okay so how do I find out the path number then?

Pretty simple. You can use the 'pathwpt info' command which will tell you all about the path including its unique number (also called path index). Get close to one of its waypoints and type the command.
Tip: If you want to see all the paths on the waypoint you can use 'pathwpt printall argument' command where the argument is the unique number of your waypoint.

Where do I find out this waypoint unique number?

Again this is just an easy task. You move close to the waypoint and type 'wpt info' command in the console. This unique number is often called waypoint index in Marine Bot console feedback, console help and various written quidelines such as the one you are reading right now.
Tip: This is one of the commands that you may want to bind to a key because you will be using it quite a lot when you work on your waypoints. So you can type 'bind KP_SLASH "wpt info more"' command in the console (the double quotes are necessary there else it won't work). Now everytime you will want to get information about any waypoint you'll just get close to it, press the forward slash key on your keypad and you'll see all important information about this waypoint in the top right corner of your screen.

And what do I do to add a new path?

Use 'pathwpt start' command while standing really close to a waypoint that you want to start the path with. It automatically adds that waypoint to the new path. Then move close to next waypoint and use the 'pathwpt add' command there. If you want to continue adding more waypoints you'll have to get close to each of them and use the 'pathwpt add' command to add them into the path. If you are done with adding waypoints in the path then just type 'pathwpt stop' command into the console to finish it.
Tip: You can also make your life a bit easier by using 'pathwpt autoadd' command. Then all you need to do to add another waypoint in a path is getting close enough to it to literally touch it. It will be added automatically. Just be careful when there are many waypoints close, because you may then add even those waypoints you didn't want in this path.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does FAQ mean?

It's an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there any in-game help?

Yes, access it by opening the console and entering 'help' or '?' (no quotation marks).

So I will have to use the console commands to control Marine Bot?

Yes full control can only be done using the console commands. However there is a version of the Firearms command menu included with Marine Bot that gives you control over your bots in Firearms 2.8 and above. You can access this menu by pressing the command menu key (by default 'p') ingame. You can change this key in the Options screen for Firearms. Note that this is for a listenserver only, see the 'hlds_cmds.txt' file for a full listing of all commands available on a dedicated server. If you are running Firearms 2.7 or below, you can control Marine Bot using the menu bound to your END key.

When I start a game with Marine Bot I get the message 'Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from...'. What’s wrong?

This error occurs when Half-Life can’t find the correct Marine Bot files, usually due to problems with your 'liblist.gam' file. Make sure you have Marine Bot properly installed. Scroll at the top of this page or see the ‘readme.txt’ file for details on how to do this.

Why does Half-Life crash when I use the 'wpt save' command to save my waypoints?

Sorry that you lost your work, but you don't have Marine Bot properly installed. This error will result if there is no marine_bot/defaultwpts folder, which should be created during a correct installation.

While the map is loading, I get an error along the lines of 'NULL entity ...', but the game still loads, and certain gameplay features don’t work. How can I fix this?

If you are using Firearms in version 2.4 up to latest 3.0 this shouldn't happen. If this does happen please let us know using the contact information below. If you are using any other version then you can do the same, but we can't promise that we can do anything about it, because our programmers tend to use the latest full version of Firearms (currently 3.0).

How do I add bots into my game?

Can I arrange it so that bots automatically join the game instead of having to add them one by one?

Bots appear to be stuck, moving blindly between corners. They don’t seem to be able to find their way around the map at all, why is this?

Can I change the names the bots use ingame?

Yes, in the 'marine_dog-tags.txt' file. Be sure to read and follow the instuctions there otherwise things may not work.

Can I change the gear the bots use ingame?

I have waypoints for a map, but they don't work. Why?

Marine Bot automatically converts waypoints from the previous version into its current version. Try typing ‘wpt load’ in the console (no quotation marks), or if that doesn’t work try ‘wpt loadunsupported’, or if that doesn’t work try ‘wpt loadunsupportedversion5’. If either of these works, use ‘wpt save’ to save them. If all return an error, then your waypoint file is probably corrupt, try downloading it again. Alternatively, make sure your waypoint file is of the same name as the map, note that some official maps change names between versions. Finally, MB can only convert from last two most recent waypoint formats, anything older than MB in version 0.8b will not be supported.
Tip: You can type 'get_wpt_system' command to see which waypoint system are the waypoints created in. Marine Bot 0.8b used waypoint system version 5. Marine Bot 0.9b used system version 6. And Marine Bot 0.91b is using waypoint system version 7.

Why do I get the message 'waypoints subscription FAILED ...' when I try to change the authors name for a set of waypoints?

Who made Marine Bot?

See the 'info' section or the ‘readme.txt’ file for a full list of contributors and credits.

How can I help develop Marine Bot?

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, or find any problems that aren't already addressed in this FAQ, you can contact us by any of these methods (in order of our preference):
Email Frank McNeil
Note: Please remember to include all details of Firearms, Half-Life, Steam and Marine Bot versions. The more information you give us on your problem, the easier it will be for us to help you.

by Frank McNeil 2005-2019

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